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Effective Ways to Tighten Your Breasts

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You breast is losing the firmness it once had or your breast is drooping down due to some reason. What can you do? Are there any ways to tighten breasts? Yes, there are certain exercises are there which can help you to tighten breasts. Your breasts are made of some fatty tissues and milk glands. They do not have muscles. There are some muscles under the breasts only. Chest exercises can make this muscles firm. It will help your breasts look full and firm. Exercise will tone up the muscle under breasts and will create a backup chest line, which will help the breasts look firmer.www.9 M A.com [www.9Ma.com]wL]3ppdc/miJ!TOI>
9MA Breast Care [www.9ma.com]?"7 RI9Gwm4:i5@>
Exercises for tightening your breast ) $|u$PA] N2a>
Push up: Do push ups in a different way. Just modify it a little bit for your breasts. Lying on your stomach first bend the knees. Keep your palms on the floor to the side. Bent your elbows so that you can put your weight on the palms. You can turn your palms to 90 degrees also if you like. Next make your arm straight, putting balance on your knees and palms. Slowly lift your body now. Make your chin perpendicular to the ground. Now slowly lower your body by bending the elbows. When your arms are parallel to the floor, slowly rise again. Do not let the chest fall on the ground. Push yourself up again. Do three sets, each time increasing the numbers of pushups in a set.ju6R6Z?WTfp +.PcP>
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Caution - Many people falter in doing these modified push ups. Do not allow your head to move. Your whole body should move and you should feel the punch at your chest. W W W . 9 M A. C O M A?QuMp!{zRe'O =>
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Do pressing to get a tight breast. You can use dumbbells to do it. Lie back on the back. Take two dumbbells in two hands. Slowly push the dumbbells to get them to over the shoulder. Keep the palm facing away with dumbbells on hand. Keep the chin to your chest. Tighten your abdominal parts Now slowly lower the dumbbells to your side. Repeat the process.9MA Breast Care [www.9ma.com]?J! %zQc"_7V@?(tL>
Caution - Do not let the shoulder and legs rise off the floor.Breast enlargement : http://www.9ma.com/ X3 Z;;k%0a\(6n>
Chest pressHj$mZ1hK_f"s >
Lie down on a special shaped gym bench which holds your upper body parts risen to a level. Or you can use pillows to support you on the back and neck. Get one dumbbell each on one hand. Raise your hand above your chest, pressing the two dumbbells together palm facing each other. Then slowly get the hands back to the floor. Lower till your arms do not touch the floor. Repeat the process several times. Make 3 sets. Keep the hands straight while moving. This is one of the provenways to tighten breast.[Breast Enlargement : 9MA.com ]#nqT!2 d`BlDA54`=E>
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Caution - People tend to curl, move their body or bend their arms. Do not do that for better results. uuN3In"$n 6IpA1:>

Bench Press - Use a bar and add weights at two sides. Lie down on a bench available in the gym or in the fitness club. Get the bar on your chest holding it with two hands. Slowly push them up and after few seconds slowly come down. Make 10-12 reps. 3 sets are necessary.

Caution - Use the weight you are comfortable with. Slowly increase the weight. Get somebody to keep a watch on you. You may need support. Exercising on a continuous basis is important.

Try these exercises every alternate day. Change the sequence. These are the sure shot ways to tighten breast.

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