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These foods help breast development

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1, the starch7XVC#Dw=1o~Y0>
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Nutrients: the major part of available carbohydrate and protein. If you select the whole shell, is rich in vitamin B group and cellulose. Breast Enlargement DV~C|B4F1T=m[\!>
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Sources of food: rice, pasta, noodles, bread and steamed bread, etc.. `s1 P:=mG1jRw&K7O>
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2, milk[http://9MA.com](Ak8C^sZfX=qaDyY>
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Nutrients: the main provider of protein and calcium.LRQjjO XN7/h-k^>
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Food sources: milk, cheese, yogurt, etc..f\e (:ZA[ 0s!Irh->
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3 eggs, beans meat and fish Breast Enlargement l#1J.Of-mEm~j>
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Nutrients: The main provision of the protein.9MA Breast Care [www.9ma.com]0=#go1RS^hD\DSG!*#wW>
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Food sources: eggs, soy, tofu, soy milk, soy, fish, shrimp, shellfish, seafood, pork, beef, chicken, duck and so on.-D&aH3I$|6[)^[()L>
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4, vegetables W W W . 9 M A. C O M TM#w0?_4CE)Wyd%zl>

Nutrients: the main provider of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Usually dark green, deep yellow vegetables, including 100 species of vitamins and minerals than light-colored vegetables and more.

Food sources: a wide variety of vegetables, such as cabbage, Chinese cabbage, mustard and so on.

5, fruit

Nutrients: The main provision of vitamins, minerals and some sugars.

Food sources: fruits, variety, such as guava, apple, orange and so on.

6, oil

Nutrients: the main provider of lipid.

Food sources: the cooking oil, there is salad oil, peanut oil, lard and so on.

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